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          Welcome to Russia.
We invite to have a rest in Sochi at coast of the Black sea.

City Sochi - the place where the Winter Olympics 2014 were held.

We offer accommodation in comfortable hotelscottages, apartments.

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Some information about Sochi.
The resort Sochi enjoys wide popularity in Russia and abroad.
And Sochi is the capital of the Winter Olympic Games 2014.
Also in our city will pass the World championship on football 2018 and Final arrivals of race of the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix in April 2017.
Interest to our city has very much increased.  Come, look at our fine city with surprising climate and nature.
In Sochi it is good to have rest during any season.  To you will offer various excursions on city and vicinities.
Many are involved with night life of Sochi - various night clubs, such as 8 nebo, Plotforma also at your service.
And we will try to do the utmost, that stay in Sochi has left only pleasant impressions.
We offer accommodation in cozy apartments, cottages, rooms with house conditions for reasonable prices.
Cost depending of distance to the beach, city area and habitation condition.
Also we offer placing in minihotels in Sochi, Adler and private sector, booking in advance.
Waiting for Your orders!

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